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Negative Effects of
Untreated Hearing Loss

Since background noise generally interferes with ones ability to hear as well, many people with hearing loss avoid noisy social settings they once enjoyed. It can become exasperating to continually ask people to repeat things and it can become bothersome to have to repeat everything you say. So you can see how hearing loss can create stress in relationships. It can also cause feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, frustration, insecurity, anger, sadness & depression. A hearing impairment can cause social withdrawal, isolation and paranoia. The person with a hearing impairment may have the perception that others are angry with them for no apparent reason. They may start to abstain from family gatherings, card games and luncheons or dinners with friends (I cant follow the conversation so why go).

It has been documented that a lack of social interaction can lead to a general decline in health.

Missed words or misheard conversations can do more than cause stress in relationships; it can be a serious problem if the missed information involves directions for medication or medical procedures.

When a hearing loss is present the portion of the brain that processes sound becomes choked off and does not receive the information properly. Therefore it begins to forget how to process some sounds. The use of hearing aids keeps the information pathway to that portion of the brain active and reduces the choking effect. Best results are seen in the cases where early treatment was sought.