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Realistic Expectations

A recent study of over 2000 adults, shows people with hearing loss who choose to hear better by using hearing aids experienced significant improvements in their lives; such as:

  • Closer relationships
  • More self-confidence
  • Greater independence
  • Increased social activity
    (Improvements were reported by both the users & their families)

Hearing better is:

  • A choice
  • A rehabilitation process
  • Practice & patience

Hearing instruments cannot restore your hearing to normal, but almost everyone with a hearing loss hears better with hearing instruments. Just as your loss occurred over time, the rehabilitation of your hearing will also take time. You will need to reacquaint yourself with sounds you haven't heard (properly) in a long time.

It is important to work closely with your specialist and communicate your experiences with him/her in order to maximize the benefit of your instruments. Because only you know how things are sounding to you and because we cannot correct a problem if we do not know it exists.

Successful adjustment to your hearing instruments depends on you taking the responsibility for your own better hearing. Your success or failure is entirely your own responsibility.