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What to Expect Before Your Purchase

Your first visit to Hear Quest will usually take about an hour for the free hearing evaluation. We ask that you bring someone close to you, for a familiar voice test. The session will progress as follows.

The Meet and Greet: Meet with our friendly receptionist, and fill out a quick form with your general information.

Video Otoscope Exam: The first step in your evaluation is a simple and painless video Otoscope exam. This procedure allows you and your specialist to look in your ear canal together on a large video screen. Our specialist will check for excessive earwax, blockages, or any medical issues with your ear canal or eardrum. If there is excessive earwax we will remove it for you free of charge.

Hearing Test: A comprehensive audio-metric evaluation will be performed. During this test, you will be asked to respond to a series of sounds and beeps at varying volume levels and frequencies. This allows our hearing expert to determine the type and degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing. The specialist will then do some word testing. This is to make sure a hearing instrument will benefit you in understanding speech better.

Improvement Options: If the specialist determines you have a hearing loss, and it can be corrected, he/she will go over all your options. The specialist will discuss your specific hearing loss, if cosmetics are an issue, and your personal lifestyle requirements.

Demonstration: There are many hearing instrument sizes and models to choose from. You and your specialist will decide together, which style works best for your needs. We will program a demo hearing aid so you can experience the latest in hearing technology and decide for yourself if you like what you hear!

We truly look forward to helping you to a better life and ending your "Quest" for better hearing!