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What to Expect After Your Purchase

Delivery: We program the hearing instrument through a computer according to the results from your hearing evaluation. We will go over everything about the hearing instrument, and teach you how to care for it. After the delivery and before you leave our office, we will schedule an appointment for you to come back in a few days for a check up.

Initial Check-ups: On this appointment you will tell the specialist what you've been experiencing with your new hearing instrument. If there is any certain situation that you think that your hearing instrument could be performing better in, the specialist will reprogram it again on the computer. We will do this as many time as needed to make sure you are hearing in every situation. It usually only takes a couple of times though. Also during the check up, we will go over everything about the instrument again and answer any questions you may have.

Quarterly Check-ups: It is vital that we see you every few months to do another video otoscopy to make sure there is no excessive wax, blockages, or medical issues with your ear canal or eardrum. We will throughly clean, vacuum and, dehumidify your hearing instrument. We can also make any programming adjustments during these appointments.

Yearly Hearing Evaluation: We want you to always be hearing the best you can, and to live the best life you can. We will give you hearing evaluations every year to make sure the hearing instruments are set where they need to be at all times.

We believe this will prolong the life of your hearing instrument and keep you hearing the best you can. The follow up care comes with the initial cost of the hearing instrument, so why not take advantage of it!